February: Ken Hurst – Pulled

Anteros Arts Foundation – 11-15 Fye Bridge St, Norwich NR3 1LJ

Having ‘long and willing traipsed along’ in the shadow of David Hockney’s pioneering and boisterous pushing at the boundaries of drawing and painting on the mighty iPad, Ken has found a tipping point where tricksy computing meets and makes way for the traditional craft.

Large Scale, individually made serigraphs are the result. They sit at the centre of this exhibition, each displaying as a framed piece alongside a small edition of affordable matching one of screen prints.

Distillation, bold shapes and big colours remain a deisernable trademark and there’s still room for some smaller scale fun with hand-made prints like ‘Hockney wearing green waistcoat’ and some intricate little oil-on-paper studies.

You can find more about Ken’s exhibition by visiting his Instagram feed

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