March: Kirstie Steadman

The Owls & The Bees

Springtime is coming, bringing the wonders of the natural world to life again after a sleepy winter. This brings my imagination to life with ideas and inspiration to create new work.

My growing addiction to painting owls is definitely keeping me busy during these long days in lockdown. I have been using a mix of finger painting techniques and brush work to create my owls, giving them their own personalities and character (if you were wondering, yes they do all have names!) 

Busy bumblebees are such a fascinating thing to watch. It won’t be long until they start their dances within our garden flowers again. I could quite happily sit and paint them all day. Acrylic or watercolours are used to create my bright and bold bees. I like to add iridescent paint to give a more reflective detail to their wings. 

All of my owls, bees and other nature inspired artworks are available, as framed/unframed Fine Art Prints and greetings cards. 

For enquiries please contact me via:

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